how to apply

Please find below the requirements in order to submit the application form:

1. Being 17 to 24 years old
2. Attend or have the project to attend integrated or modular courses ATPL o CPL (A) or (H)
3. Your family annual incomes should be less than 50.000 dollars or equivalent value (We need to see the Tax Returns for the Last Two Years)
4. Accurately declare scholarships and loans already obtained for designated training
5. The application should be supported with a minimum of two covering letter from teachers and / or instructors which testify to the real abilities and motivations of the student to obtain the above quoted licenses
6. A cover letter from the student himself presenting the problems encountered his motivation and its needs to overcome them and finalize his study project.

Priority conditions will be reserved for the following cases:
- Pupils who are victims of an accident (documented) during the period of training, which may cause difficulties in meeting the expenses to end their studies.
- Pupils who have suffered financial damage due to the closure of their school due to bankruptcy or loss of qualifications, who have to meet unexpected expenses to complete their studies.
- Pupils or aspiring pupils from regions that are geographically distant from certified training centers, can’t rely completely on help from their family, have good academic performance and excellent motivation.


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