Annual check of our search engine

As we have been doing for 11 years, today we are starting the annual check of the data published on our search engine. Checking all 2344 flight schools involves the following 6 operations: 1) Access to the school's website from our link to check if the data matches and / or if the page still exists. 2) Click on the icon (f) to see if there is recent activity on the school's facebook page. 3) Removal of those schools which are apparently no longer in operation. 4) Revise our data if necessary. 5) Send emails to all schools to verify their own data. 6) Apply the corrections communicated by the schools. Overall, this phase requires a minimum of 150 hours of volunteer work in accordance with the statutory objective of our Not-for-Profit Organisation.

Milco Massetti

29 / 11 / 2020