Charter Group Aero in Malaysia invests in an ALSIM AL42 simulator.

We have just been informed of the sale of an ALSIM AL42 simulator to Charter Group Aero in Malaysia. We are sorry that we cannot add this training center to our search engine at this time because we are missing essential information for its admission. A page will be dedicated to him as soon as possible.

It will be used to provide advanced Multi-Engine and Instrument flight training in Diamond DA 42 aircraft. The training on this Alsim AL42 simulator is primarily intended for Private and newly qualified Commercial pilots in Malaysia, Singapore Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines who wish to undertake Multi Engine and Instrument rating training. Pilots from other worldwide locations can also avail themselves for Multi engine and DA42 specific type training, using this Simulator, as it is Internationally qualified as a Level 5 Flight Training Device.

25 / 04 / 2021