Le circuit aérien Rêves de Gosse s’est terminé hier à Perpignan.

The aerial week of Rêves de Gosse ended yesterday in Perpignan
A big tip of the hat to the organizers of this magnificent event. To the inexhaustible Ghislaine Barrère, hostess and CEO of Aéropyrénées, to Jean-Yves Glemée, President of the Rêves de Gosse, to the 80 volunteers and to the pilots of the thirty or so aircrafts on the tarmac, mobilized for a whole week to accompany hundreds of amazed kids in the skies of 8 French cities. Thanks for this outpouring of solidarity. One could not imagine such a grand and rewarding day.

To know more about the not-for-profit Rêves de Gosse : https://revesdegosse.fr/

To know more about the flight school Aéropyrénées : https://www.aeropyrenees.com/

03 / 10 / 2021