The Non Profit Organization is open to all, without condition or distinction, but the board of directors of the association is free to choose its members.

The association consists of the following categories of members, physical persons and legal persons represented by an officer or a designated employee:

A) Founding members and honorary members
B) Benefactors
C) Membership (Adhering Member)
D) Voluntary Member (Sympathizing Member)

Honorary members are those who have rendered services reported to the association; they are exempt from membership fees and their membership is without time limits.

Benefactors are persons who make a donation in an amount free but sufficiently high to enable the association to more easily achieve the objectives set out in Article 2

Adhering Member are those who have made a commitment to pay an annual membership fee. The Board of Directors, at the ordinary general meeting, determines the amount of the contribution.

Sympathizing Member are all people who donate occasionally, regardless of the amount.

30 / 10 / 2017